SdbHub is ready to use without additional customization and offers many advantages.

  • Digitization of data sheets at the push of a button
  • Independent of templates
  • Out-of-the-box ready to use
  • Flexibly expandable
  • Continous further development
  • Enterprise level support

Provided as a cloud service, SdbHub extracts relevant data fields from a safety data sheet and makes it available in a structured way. Based on cutting edge AI methods, we have developed SdbHub to achieve a high degree of automation.

Your business processes

Straightforward integration

Importing safety data sheets for the professional user.

If you already have a SDS management software, you are able to integrate SdbHub into your software environment by implementing an import routine using the REST API interface.

  • Deployment and maintenance of the REST API
  • Extraction of data within a few seconds
  • JSON output format (SDScomXML also possible)

We assist you along the integration process and help you to quickly integrate the functionality of SdbHub into your business processes.

Extraction of data from mail attachments

If you receive safety data sheets by mail and want to evaluate them directly, we recommend you our mail service, which evaluates mail attachments and provides you with the data in a structured Excel file.

  • Integration for all common mail accounts
  • Receiving responses withing minutes
  • Supports multiple attachments and zip files

We would be happy to analyze your process together and configure and provide you the service according to your needs.

For service providers and individual projects

Do you repeatedly have larger quantities of data sheets that you need to evaluate or search for specific data fields? We would be happy to provide you an upload service for your data sheets in the cloud. You simply upload your data sheets and they are automatically read out in the background.

  • No technical requirements necessary
  • Output in a structured Excel file
  • Data processing according to a time plan defined in cooperation with you

You have internal file directories that you would like to connect to SdbHub? Talk to us and we will find out which possibilities exist in this case.

You have very individual workflows and would like to know if you can use SdbHub?

In a workshop we will analyze your process and empower you with possible recommendations for action.

  • Professional support by experts
  • Unbiased recommendations for action
  • Examination of alternative solutions

What about a live demo?

A live demo says more than 1000 words. Therefore we make the following suggestion: You contact us and we show you a live extraction with your data sheets.


Extraction, validation or sorting at the push of a button

Recognition of the document language

SdbHub recognizes the document language and helps you to sort out irrelevant documents.

Classification of safety data sheets

SdbHub recognizes if the document is a safety data sheet.

Extraction of meta information

SdbHub extracts not only the content from the relevant sections, but also information from the header and footer.

Individual scoring

All extracted data fields are subjected to scoring to verify the quality and reliability of the extraction as part of the integration.

Ready for integration

SdbHub can be integrated into enterprise processes via the REST interface. Through custom connectors, SdbHub can support all common business processes.

Precisely extracted data fields

Within a few seconds, the relevant data fields are extracted from the SDS. Starting with section 1 to section 16 all dtate is directly accessible.

How our customers use SdbHub

Increase your productivity

We provide the service and you decide how to use ist. Some examples of what our customers successfully use SdbHub for.

  • Maintenance of hazardous substance databases / the hazardous substance register
  • Extraction of data fields from safety data sheets
  • Validation of safety data sheets
  • Searching of phrases in safety data sheets
  • Occupational safety
  • Automated incoming inspection upon receipt of data sheets
  • Plausibility checks
  • Version comparisons
  • and many more

Achieved goals: High productivity - Reduced workload for employees - Improved service delivery


We will work with you to design a plan how you could use SdbHub in a targeted manner. Let's reduce your manual effort in transferring data from datasheets to a minimum.


Some impressions of SdbHub

Excel output

API (JSON output)

Result of the mail service

Reading from directories

SDScomXML output


Frequently asked questions

  • SdbHub supports all digitally created PDF documents.

  • Yes. SdbHub uses artificial intelligence to process all common safety data sheets written in german and english according to REACH regulation. Data sheets in other languages can also be supported by SdbHub after a customized extension.

  • SdbHub is ready for integration out-of-the-box. Using the REST API, you can easily integrate the service as an import routine into your SDS software and perform the extraction in a live manner. On average, it takes about 10 seconds to process a datasheet.

  • SdbHub is under constant development to provide extraction for all data fields. Currently, in addition to meta information, data is extracted from sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, and 15. For the remaining sections, the section texts are provided.

    An extract of the list of data fields

    Version, date, product identifier, intended use, supplier, emergency number, classifications, signal word, H-phrases, P-phrases, EUH-phrases, hazard pictograms/GHS classes, substances/mixtures incl. concentration CAS/EG/REACH-No, H-phrases, classifications ,..., storage classe, classification according to BetrSichV, eye protection, hand protection, respiratory protection, form, color, odor, pH, flash point..., UN-No, packing group, tunnel restriction code...,

  • Yes. You can use our email service or the storage/upload service, which will read the data sheets and provide the results in a prepared Excel file. By using filtering and sorting, you can filter or search this Excel file for relevant data very easily.

  • Yes, the current implementation supports SDScomXML version 4.3.1. If required, we could also use standard sets into the conversion process such as EuPhraC as part of a customization process.

  • Yes.


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